A passion for woodworking, a dedication to quality…

Designed to endure

From dreams, to blueprints, to reality

It takes a special sort of alchemy to turn dreams into living, breathing structures. It takes unique craftsmanship, anchored in excellence. It takes a tradition of exceptional technicality – working as precisely as a master watchmaker. It takes an unwavering desire to innovate and to improve.

Antique wood is an exceptional material. It tells the story of its life, and lets us craft something truly unique.

Beat Matti, Timber Construction Director
Inspired by nature

Signature sophistication

Chaletbau Matti works with only the finest natural materials. Ours is a palette of premium wood, marble, and metal pieces, mixed and matched with more contemporary, innovative materials such as glass and fabrics. Everything we use is sustainable, with an emphasis on local suppliers and raw materials.

Starting with nature, perfecting through craft.
Starting with nature, perfecting through craft.

Antique wood sourced from across Europe, bringing history home with one-of-a-kind pieces. Pine, spruce, and other wood varieties local to Chaletbau Matti’s workshops add a signature touch to your chalet. Premium woods such as oak, cherry, or walnut lend elegance to interiors. Metal, glass and stone add texture and depth, imbuing spaces with a sense of surprise and innovation.

A collection of antique wooden pieces

Chaletbau Matti dedicates extraordinary care and attention to its selection of natural raw materials, curating a collection of the very finest specimens. The result is a treasure trove of rare and coveted antique wooden pieces unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.
Traditionally contemporary

The art of woodworking for our times

From the architects who design, to the artisans who execute fine details of carpentry and joinery with minute care, every member of Chaletbau Matti’s team contributes to the construction process with its unique know-how. We combine this tradition with modernity, using innovative technology and pioneering methods to take tried-and-tested woodworking techniques to the next level, and deliver chalets that are built to last.
Where the magic happens

An eye for precision

Chaletbau Matti teams are carefully orchestrated and attuned. Architects, interior designers, carpenters, site managers and joiners combine and commit every inch of their talent and attention to your project. Together, they work to elevate and celebrate the raw materials that will become your future home.
The quest for perfection

Excellence embodied

A meticulous eye for detail, a love for the flawless finish and a hunger for excellence in each ridge and every inch... Chaletbau Matti’s artisans are driven by a passion for precision at every stage of our fully bespoke approach. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, as embodied in the exceptional finish of our craftsmanship.
From acorn to oak


We have made it our mission to hand down our unique expertise as we train the next generation of artisans, keeping the art of traditional woodworking alive.
Episode 4 - Apprenticeship at Chaletbau Matti

Chaletbau Matti

In order to perpetuate traditional chalet construction techniques, Chaletbau Matti has set itself the mission of passing on its unique knowledge by training the next generation talents, with generosity and passion.
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From your ideal
to your home.
From your ideal
to your home.